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At home with a baby / toddler ?

Come spend a rich morning with your baby, together with other mums like you.

Inviting mums to come out in these isolating times, bond with their baby, meet other mums and be supported in reconnecting to their original spark while growing magically together.

A series of 4 mornings starting SOON

  • Two groups: 0-1 yrs  &  1-2 yrs

Enter a time free zone of magical togetherness

Tactile Intelligence

Movement & Message 

– Expand movement abilities

– Develop a sense of balance

– Strengthen muscle groups

– Discover the senses

– Improving laying on the belly and lifting the head (0-1 yrs)

– Turning from back to stomach (0-1 yrs)

– Creating a sense of safety by learning  baby’s/toddler’s  body boundaries 

– Encourages motor development

Acoustic Intelligence — development including music sound voice, breathing, musical instruments 

– Sound as a way of communicating with the baby’s/toddler’s instincts

– Listening to the sounds your baby/toddlers makes & communicate back

– Develop the quality of interaction with your baby/toddler

– Focus on how our awareness can help a baby’s /toddler’s development

Shira Benyoav B.Ed

I have been a creative movement facilitator for the last 20 years in Canada, Denmark and Israel. I hold a Bachelor of Education, with a specialization in physical education and movement. I specialize in working with women through the non-verbal language of movement. Over the years I have performed in and choreographed many performances, workshops and festivals in Israel and Denmark. I am also an experienced holistic physical psychotherapist and early learning educator.  I hold Alberta Early Childhood certification, First Aid and CPR certification.


Call / text: 587-921-5993

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