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An open invitation to
The Movement Lab.

~ Everyone is a dancer!
Come spend a gentle active
 evening together and explore creative & healing movement.

>  join easily from home via ZOOM :)

Hi dears,

I am holding a new series of zoom movement classes for women where we will be exploring the following:

  • A fun exploration of your body’s abilities to express authentic movement
  • Movement language-based of improvisation and connectivity
  • Effortless, economical, using weight and gravity technique
  • New ways of listening within & aligning through  movement
  • Relating to new levels of awareness possibilities
  • Re-write, re-wire habitual movement patterns
  • Stimulate the personal “inner creator” content and allowing it’s expressing through movement
  • Learning basics of composition elements
  • Read, notice, register and reflect
  • Stream with cues in the unknown

Enter a time free zone of magical togetherness

Shira Benyoav B.Ed

I have been a creative movement facilitator for the last 20 years in Canada, Denmark and Israel. I hold a Bachelor of Education, with a specialization in physical education and movement. I specialize in working with women through the non-verbal language of movement. Over the years I have performed in and choreographed many performances, workshops and festivals in Israel and Denmark. I am also an experienced holistic physical psychotherapist and early learning educator.  I hold Alberta Early Childhood certification, First Aid and CPR certification.

Tactile Intelligence

an Art of listening

“A creative way for women to connect to their flowing awareness through movement — Diving into an exploration and joy of a connective creative process”


Call / text: 587-921-5993

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