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Abdominal Therapy

“Earth is my body
Water is my blood
Wind is my breath
Fire is my spirit”

Abdominal therapy techniques address the position and health of pelvic and abdominal organs to improve function of reproduction and digestion. As an Abdominal therapist I use a variety of techniques, massage, energy healing, and herbal formulas to support the body to release physical and emotional congestion, to bring about better circulation of arterial blood, venous blood, nerve supply, lymph and energy.

The threads of this work across the globe came from village healers to midwives. in Central America, these threads were picked up by Dr. Rosita Arvigo, who wove them together with a scientific understanding and offered a well-crafted gift of Abdominal Therapy (sometimes refered to as Maya Abdominal Massage).

“When we give ourselves compassion, we are opening our hearts in a way that can transform our lives”.

Kristin Neff.

About Abdominal Therapy

What can Abdominal Therapy do for you?

From digestive troubles, painful periods, fertility support, pelvic and prostate problems, to relief from chronic back and sacral issues, abdominal massage techniques may be quite effective and powerful for you.

What to expect in an Abdominal Therapy treatment

It begins with a comprehensive exploration of your personal health story. This may be done in a virtual meeting or in-person. The full in-person Abdominal Therapy treatment involves an external massage of your entire abdomen, back, hips, and sacrum. Massaging these areas systematically and thoroughly optimizes the circulation of all the systems in your body. We call this NAVEL: Nerve, Arterial and Venous blood, Energy, and Lymph. As our gift to you, your therapist will teach you how to perform Your Abdominal Massage (YAM) at home to support your health goals.

What is YAM?

Our work doesn’t stop in the treatment room. We teach you YAM. Your Abdominal Massage (YAM) is a simple practice and takes only minutes a day. YAM has profound, lasting effects on your health and wellbeing. Early in her professional practice, Dr. Rosita Arvigo recognized the need for clients to continue their healing with their own hands, in their own time, in their own homes. With this in mind, she developed her unique personal massage technique to encourage and empower her clients to take charge of their healing. It’s not unusual for clients to report – even years later – that YAM has become an integral part of their daily lives.

“Forgive everyone everything, no matter what they’ve done, including yourself” 

Dr. Rosita Arvigo

What does Abdomenal massage is able to help with?

  • Falls/ injuries involving the tailbone, Back Pain
  • Female reproductive issues and Fertility Enhancement: painful periods, PMS, irregular periods, chronic debilitating menstrual pain, managing Endometriosis pain, Frequent Urinary tract infections, challenging Fibroids, vaginal Prolapse, urinary incontinence, navigating Perimenopause, stored emotions and Trauma-resolving issues in tissues, on the journey   to parenthood-aligning body mind and spirit for conception, unexplained infertility.
  • Prenatal  Wellness, birth and postnatal recovery: painful pregnancy, healing from a traumatic birth, preparing for a successful vaginal birth after Caesarian, support for Postpartum Uterine Prolapse, relief for Unrelenting Postpartum pain.
  • Male Reproductive Conditions:  Becoming symptom free from chronic Pelvic pain and benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, A non pharmaceutical solution for urinary problems.
  • Digestive Disorders and Post Surgical Recovery: Acknowledging Stress as a first step in confronting Colitis, IBS Symptoms, Chronic constipation, children digestion, Infant Acid Reflux, Post surgical Adhesions.

Origins of Maya Abdominal therapy

“The Uterus is the woman’s core, if it is out of balance, her whole life is out of balance – Physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.”

–  Don Elijio Panti, the great Maya H’men (doctor) of Beize, Dr. Rosita Arvigo’s Master teacher.

The first time I experienced Abdominal Therapy was in Israel when I was seeking relief from Endometriosis
The world-renowned Dr. Rosita Arvigo has spent her life bringing the ancient wisdom of this therapy to the West. I’m incredibly fortunate to have personally learnt this therapy directly from her. I’ve asked her every possible question about the best way to deliver this treatment to others.

These tools have been in use for thousands of years in Central America and were a part of the Maya culture.
They have proven to be very efficient for women, men, children and babies.

Emotional, Energetic, and Spiritual Causes

Issues in your tissues

Muscles store memories and it’s often said in the bodywork profession, your issues are in your tissues.  Intimate trauma, physical and/or emotional can be stored in the body’s tissues. Intimate traumas including, but not limited to rape, incest, sexual abuse, violent potty training,  and excessive spanking in childhood are imprinted upon our subconscious mind. These are the slings and arrows that many of us have suffered.
Dr. Wilhelm Reich said the emotions of fright, terror, fear, shame, and resentment are all locked in the abdominal area. In response to unprocessed intimate traumas, our bodies create emotional armour that obstructs our NAVEL (Nerves, Arteries, Veins, Energy, and Lymph) flow.

Indications of a Wandering Womb or Displaced Uterus:

As Abdominal Therapists, we must do our detective work. Before, during and after treatments with our clients, we need to be on the lookout for indications of a displaced uterus and/or congested pelvis and abdomen.
* Included: a list of some signs and symptoms we might find as indications:

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